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A few words about me… or my CV at major stages… …

I have been furthering health and well-being through my private office, the training places I work with and the seminars about welfare which I organize for 13 years…

My professional activity began in 1998 when I graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki. .

Later, in 1998-1999 I worked at the ΕΠΙΚ research programme at what was then the Public Health Nutrition and Nutritional Epidemiology Unit and at the Diabetes Centre of the Ippokrateio Hospital in Athens.

Since 2000 I have worked at Beauty and Slimming Centres as manager of the nutrition departments and since 2005 I have my private office.

I learnt even more about psychology during a long specialization in eating disorders which began in October 2007 and finished in September 2011 [376 hours in total] and which took place at the Hellenic Centre for Eating Disorders and at the Centre of Training&Dealing with Eating Disorders

and as I focus more on the idea of welfare, I trained in the alternative training system bodyART in 2011 which signals our existence in a holistic level.

I am a member of the Hellenic Dietetic Association, the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity and recently I became a member of the dietary movement Slow Food.

Konstantinos Zervos

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Health is “the state of full physical, mental and social well-being and not only the lack of illness or disability”.

True health is an entirety… Spirit and soul are inside a living body. To experience your body in its entirety you ought to have physical awareness, spirituality and temperament. If we lack these sides of our existence, we will not have complement in our body.

Nutrition treatment: cure, care through diet. Food is essential to our lives and this is why diet is the basis of our self-care. It is the principal means of preservation and enhancement of our physical and mental health.


When we talk about diet, we refer to two basic parameters: what we eat (content) and how we eat (behaviour). After many years of experience and specialization in eating disorders I realized that there is lack of knowledge as far as eating behaviour is concerned and in people’s demand for change of physical image.

My approach is based on two basic rules:

  • I respect each person’s uniqueness and the way in which this is expressed. The goal of the cooperation is to achieve the best possible result while showing respect to our diversity and health.
  • With the knowledge and the techniques of the cognitive behavioural theory we study the way of thought, the emotions and how these affect and influence your eating behaviour. The goal is to understand the way you think, you feel and how you act concerning food. To adopt a new personal model of eating behaviour which will further your well-being. To alter thoughts and behaviours which have a negative effect on your everyday life. Change is achieved once and for all with self-awareness and care.

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How I can help you...

After your needs are expressed and data is assessed, we set simple, attainable, realistic goals together with total respect to your history and we suggest ways to achieve all these which are totally attuned to your life conditions.

Eating Disorders

Do you feel your relationship with food is problematic or you think that your whole life is defined and determined by food and your weight, are you bulimic, do you have gluttonous behaviour or syndrome of night overeating?


This means that the body mass index (BMI) is approaching or exceeding number 30. The redundant weight gives you a hard time and there is a medical reason why you must lose weight.

Eating Balance

In cases where you feel that you eat whatever, wherever, whenever and you feel you get easily tired, you are in a bad mood and have a temper or you get sick easily. You believe it’s time you organised your life and take care of yourself. You want to confirm or adjust what you already know to your personal standards and you need help for this…

Diet for physical activity-exercise

You want to follow a dietary programme which will support, enhance and improve your performance in whichever activity you follow.

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BodyART: “Wholeness in the body”

It is a new training system which:

  • Combines yoga techniques, pilates, tai chi, physiotherapy, deep work, relaxation techniques
  • It is manifold, flexible in training and above all it is attainable by all
  • It has yin and yang elements, power and calmness, inhalation and exhalation. They are all combined in a mesh of physical and mental complicity
  • The flux, careful modulation and concentration create the space and time needed to reverse the erratic, uncontrollable and wrong physical and mental activity
  • It does not aim at training certain muscles. Without a beginning, without an end, every activity connects with the previous and the next one, every activity, though, is complete on its own and the whole body takes part as well as the soul and mind
  • It creates a new free space both physical and spiritual in order for us to have greater physical awareness and higher psychosomatic energy
  • We realize that the person’s inner attitude is reflected on its external behaviour
  • It combines physical exercise and the removal of both physical and mental tension

It can be either in a personal or a team level.

In order to be informed about the collaborating venues and times please contact me.

Learn more about bodyART

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Wellness Retreats


In a high demanding environment with stress, insecurity and uncertainty the triptych nutrition-health-welfare ensures the covetable balance between the body, spirit and soul. Nutrition treatment, health assurance and the achievement of well-being can armor us against the challenges of everyday life and make us complete and happy.

Wellness Retreats are a holistic proposition-approach which aims at sensitizing and activating modern man in order to make him contact himself and his real needs. The thematic units include: bodyART, relaxation, diet, psychology. It is not necessary for the participants to have specialized knowledge or ability; only good mood and open mind. It addresses EVERYBODY. The goal of these “escapes” is to have physical everyday pleasure, relaxation and self-care. To further “natural well-being”.


The above programme can be achieved temporally with different ways based on the needs and goals of each group. Retreat’s duration can vary from a few hours a day or one weekend to more days.


Retreats can take place in various venues which create a sense of “breath” for the participants:

  • Multiplexes, gyms, well-being centres
  • Hotels and resorts
  • In places chosen by the participants

For more information you can contact me.

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Konstantinos Zervos

Tel: +30 210 612 1961
Mob: +30 693 703 8543
11 Niovis st, Galatsi, 111 46


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